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Construction Staff

Due to COVID-19 it is a difficult times right now for all the business activities and especially for trade construction industry. Site labourers and employers should be taking positive steps to ensure they remain attractive in the construction jobs market.

The role of construction agencies during the pandemic should, therefore, be to encourage their clients to adapt to the changing landscape of work.

At Workers Direct we retain a steady workforce of skilled tradespeople through the residential and commercial construction industries. We specialise in staffing carpenters, concrete professionals and electricians. Our multi-faceted hiring, selection and training process guarantees that no matter the size or length of your project, we are fully able to provide you with the right workers to get your job done, professionally and on time.

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Painters

As one of the leading Labour Hire & Temping Agency we are the Trade & Construction Industry’s number one primary source for temporary and permanent semi skill Labour supply for Domestic, Interior and Commercial construction projects. Either you are looking for an Individual or teams of experts; we have the goods to help you with your next development.

  • Casual Labour Hire
  • Contract / Temp Labourer
  • Site Cleaners
  • Part time / Full time Placement

Right labourers on right time

Workers Direct have experienced construction labourers ready to begin work. Growing orders are useless without staff numbers that also meet your customer’s needs – contact with our Professional construction recruitment team allows you access to a pool of perfect candidates that can help you. We match the right person to you and organise their time, so that you don’t have to waste yours advertising and interviewing.

  • Handyman
  • Ground Workers
  • Banksman
  • CSCS Operatives

Construction Recruitment Agency - Hire Skilled Labourers On Short Notice

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastation it continues to cause around the UK, businesses must find a way to restart as soon as they can safely do so.

In the UK, at least, there are subtle behavioural adjustments already being implemented in a variety of industries especially in trade & construction industry, as a result of social distancing that will most likely outlive the pandemic.


How We Work

We do not depend always on technology for candidate searches, preferring to use experience, industry acumen and intuition to identify what each individual could bring to a specific business. This intelligent & human approach pays surpluses time after time. We recognise the trust clients make in Workers Direct and our priority is always to make sure we attain the best results for all concerned.