Laundry Assistant



Laundry Assistant


REPORTING TO Services Manager / Laundry Shift Leader



Work collaboratively as part of a team supporting the  Services Manager and Laundry Shift Leader in order to maintain the smooth running of the Laundry department


Hours 35 Hours a week on a seven day a week rotational basis



This Job Description is intended to provide a clear framework for the job holder and their manager to guide them in the requirements of the job.

It indicates only the main responsibilities and competencies of the post.

It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of tasks, procedures and policies.  It is the job holder’s responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with all procedures and policies relevant to the job.


Overview of Main Responsibilities (What the job involves)


Ø  Sorting of soiled linen and clothing observing hygienic working practises

Ø  Maintain a clean working environment

Ø  Sorting. Ironing and packing of clean linen and clothing in preparation for forward delivery

Ø  Operation of laundry equipment to include:

Industrial washing machines  / Industrial tumble dryers/rotary ironing                 press/Industrial hand steam iron

Ø Fold clothing and linen and sort into containers for individual residents

Professional Responsibility


Ø  Observe infection control policy and procedures

Ø  Observe hygienic working practices and COSHH regulations

Ø  Maintain specified quality standards

Ø  Check quality of linen and report damages to Service Manager/ Shift Leader

Ø  Notification of faulty equipment to Service Manager /Shift Leader

Ø  To be conversant with the safe and economic use of laundry equipment

Ø  Adhere to company’s Health and safety policy and report any accident that may occur.

Ø  Ensure the laundry equipment is operated safely and in accordance with relevant instructions and that all equipment is appropriately maintained and serviced

Ø  To be punctual and arrive to work in good time


Ø  To be familiar with, and adhere to the policies and procedures of the Laundry department.

Ø  Maintain professional competence and knowledge.

Ø  Raise any issues of concern to supervisory staff


Working with     colleagues



Ø Work collaboratively and as part of a team with all colleagues in order to maintain the smooth running of the Laundry department



Relevant Competencies (How the job needs to be done)

Performance Focus

Ø  A mature and responsible attitude to work

Ø  Ability to perform tasks of a physical nature

Ø  Ability to follow instructions with accuracy

Ø  Take ownership for resolving issues

Ø   Positive “Can do attitude”.


Ø  At all times communicate with colleagues in a constructive and respectful manner.

Ø  To undertake all duties and interaction with employees , partner providers and service users fairly, without discrimination and with due regard to Mission Care’s diversity and equality employment and service polices

Planning and Organisation

Ø  Ability to follow instructions  ensuring work is completed in a timely manner


Professional and Personal Development

Ø  Maintain high standards of professional practice,

Ø  Regularly review personal  development and training needs with Services Manager/ Shift Leader

Ø  Undertake and co-ordinate regular development activities including on the job, mandatory training, relevant courses and qualifications.



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