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Warehouse Staff


Does your warehouse need more staff to meet a seasonal demand? Is a member of your warehouse team on leave?.. Read More

Catering Staff


Workers Direct as one of the leading catering agency have a database of professional, fully trained and security screened.. Read More

Reception Staff


We have highly experienced Receptionist from office receptionist to a front of house staff quick.. Read More

Temporary Staffing


Workers Direct is the one-stop resource for all your temporary staffing needs. In today’s economy, temporary staffing.. Read More

Event Staff


Event staffing in London are not very hard to find. There is an abundance of Event Helpers, waiting.. Read More

Admin Staff


The team at Workers Direct specialists in matching talented office and support candidates with.. Read More

School Staffing


Teachers and staff can have the most profound and positive effect upon a child’s early years, and Workers Direct.. Read More

Construction Staff


The role of construction agencies during the pandemic should, therefore, be to encourage their clients.. Read More

Healthcare Staff


At Workers Direct our recruitment team for the healthcare sector can find you permanent.. Read More

Packing Staff


Workers Direct have been recruiting and organising Pickers and Packing Staff to assist local businesses.. Read More

Why Workers Direct?

Workers Direct possess many desirable qualities and policies that you would hope for in a recruiter:

One of the downsides of recruitment is how long it can drag on for, especially if you manage your own recruitment in-house. Progress can take weeks or months, all while your company is lacking vital employees. Workers Direct recruitment agency provides extremely quick results to ensure companies aren’t lacking in important workers. In many cases, clients have found suitable workers within a matter of hours.

Workers Direct - Your Staffing Partner

We understand how important it is to get things done quickly in the business world. Recruitment often drags on for weeks or months if it isn’t done by professionals; with Workers Direct recruitment agency you will benefit from speedy results.

When you become a client with Worker Direct Ltd. you won’t need to pay any upfront costs to join. This means no hefty start-up fees to get your recruitment drive going.

As well as the free cost of joining us as a client, you won’t be made to pay a thing unless we successfully manage to place a suitable candidate into your company.

Our recruiting team have worked across a diverse array of sectors over the years, so we closely understand many industries. We’ve worked with clients from construction to hospitality so get in touch whatever your line of work.

Finding the best candidates in the modern day requires the latest recruitment strategies. We use innovative recruiting techniques to narrow down the most capable individuals for your business.

Whether your business needs temporary additions or you’re looking to add someone permanent, Worker Direct has the skill and experience to find the right talent on right time according to job requirements.

We make sure all our operatvies Must have minimum 2 - 5 years relevant Experience.

Our Customer Service staff available online & on phone 24/7 to fill any urgent vacancy.

All our temps are fully able to start on short noitce whenever require.


How We Work

We do not depend always on technology for candidate searches, preferring to use experience, industry acumen and intuition to identify what each individual could bring to a specific business. This intelligent & human approach pays surpluses time after time. We recognise the trust clients make in Workers Direct and our priority is always to make sure we attain the best results for all concerned.