Reception Staff

It is a well-known fact that your receptionist is the face of your organisation. She /he is the first voice potential clients hear on the phone and the first face they see when they walk in the door of your office. It is therefore vital that you get the right person for the job.

Office Receptionist

Workers-direct offer a service where the client can get anything from an agency receptionist to a virtual receptionist – all depending on its needs. Of course Workers-direct can also provide a temporary receptionist when needed, as well as an office receptionist.

Front of House Staff / Hotel Receptionist

One of our specialist fields is providing the hospitality industry with hotel receptionists.We will provide you with neatly dressed, presentable receptionists that are well versed in dealing with clients from all walks of life and personalities.  They will also know how to pacify an irate client and keep the image of the company intact.

Event Receptionist

To meet and greet your guests in any Event you need someone to represent you with a good appearance, In that occasion our event receptionist can help you.Our team is well equipped to deal with any complaint or situation that the client utters and will pay particular attention to resolving the situation to everybody’s satisfaction.Our usual follow-up is essential to both the candidate as well as the client.

Receptioist Agency London
    • General Receptionist
    • Office Receptionist
    • Temporary Receptionist
    • Reception Worker
    • Day Receptionist
    • Hotel Receptionist
    • Front Of house Staff
    • Virtual Receptionist
    • Meet & Greet Staff
    • Event Receptionist

         Our Guarantee

    It goes without saying that we are willing to meet our clients’ needs in every way as long as we have a comprehensive brief and job spec. This will be used to find the right person for your company and guarantee a happy relationship with us for many years to come.


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