Contract Staffing

Filling a long-term vacancy can be a slow, costly process. Working with our recruitment agency represents the opportunity to cut all of that out. Workers Direct has proven ability to attract and match the best candidates to you. We are proficient at meeting an organisation’s staffing needs, and have the resources to do it promptly and professionally. Our team can recruit a quality worker for a fixed term role.



Weekly Staff Hire

You may be looking to contract a staff member for just a week or two. No matter how short the length of time, we can contract and deliver hand-picked temporary staff to you, ensuring that they will fit easily into your business. Not to mention, by committing on a weekly basis only, you have the freedom to repeat the contract, or to terminate as needed. Short-term weekly contracting allows you the assurance of knowing that the employee is there, but that you have not agreed to more than you need.


Monthly Hire

When things are busy, a month with an extra member of staff on hand can make all the difference. Contact Workers Direct to let us know what you need and our team will quickly find you a candidate with the skills you need, on a pre-arranged contracted month. The comfort of knowing that you have an employee even for a month is immeasurable – particularly when we oversee the whole process for you. Let us know if you want one, two or even six months, and our team will do the rest.



Yearly Contract Staff

Workers Direct may be specialists in short-term staff but our long-term candidates are as carefully considered, checked and recruited as those looking for more temporary roles. We guarantee quality and ability in all of our workers, and most particularly in those that we match to yearly contract roles. If you are looking for maternity cover, perhaps, or fixed-length 12 month support whilst you work on growing your business, then we will have the candidate for you. Let us search and contract general and skilled staff for you as a cost-effective solution – and stop worrying!


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