Why us ?

Whether you are a job seeker looking for a temporary or contract role, or a corporation, restaurant or school that needs supplemental staff for support, Workers Direct will find what you need. Our experts in recruiting cover various fields and areas of business, and our services and standards are exacting.

If you are looking for work we will find out your skills and needs and match you to a role – or if you have a vacancy to fill, we can match an employee to you, saving you time and stress. We can recruit for upcoming vacancies or sudden, unexpected absence from team members due to illness or vacation, no matter how short the notice period. All of our candidates are strictly and closely vetted, and we push ourselves to meet the exacting standards that we set ourselves. We will find the role for you!

Who We Are - Workers Direct

7 Reasons to use Workers Direct:

The Right Candidate. When we fill a role, we have already gotten to know that candidate and their skills – so we know that they are reliable, honest, and perfect for the work.

Quick Response & Short Notice Placement. We thrive under pressure – so let us take it off your shoulders! We are experienced in placing staff quickly and accurately, no matter how short the notice.

Workers Direct – A Cost Effective Method of Recruitment. Save money on advertising, interviewing and hiring. We oversee the process for you, and cut costs in the long-term, as well, by managing the tax and employer responsibilities for short-term staff.

Save time. Outsourcing recruitment allows you freedom to focus on your core business and day-to-day tasks. It also means that can spend more time developing and retaining your existing staff. How much is your time really worth? We are sure that it will be more than our reasonable fees.

Innovative recruitment techniques & Social Media. Workers Direct use traditional methods, with face-to-face support and candidate analysis, as well as modern recruitment techniques such as social media, to ensure that we source the best candidates. With online networking and advertising, we have connections that you can benefit from.

Wide, multi-skilled candidate pool. Our roster of candidates is wide, full of workers that are experienced, qualified, and keen to start.

Our Guarantee ! Workers Direct promise to deliver the very best Candidate or find the right role, as part of our expert, excellent service – all for an affordable recruitment agency cost.


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