Workers Direct – The Best Temping Agency in London  

Workers Direct has been providing outstanding recruitment and staffing services to its clients since 2010. This temping agency has been one of the leading staffing agencies in London, especially when it comes to providing temporary staff to employers.

Temporary agencies or temp agencies are organizations that supply employees to employers who are in need of workers. Such employees may be considered for either short term or a long term basis. Many temporary agencies provide human resources consultations for organizations that need such service.

There are many advantages attached to using a temp agency for business. A company that has a short range project but not want to hire permanent staff can consider hiring a temp worker to carry out a specific job role.

Workers Direct is responsible for selecting candidates whose experience and skills are vital to the industry or sector they supply staff to. The agency swiftly responds to request for temporary staff and quickly considers individuals on their data base through its five step recruitment process, immediately vacancy becomes available.

In many cases, temporary staff workers receive payment from the agency while undertaking work on behalf of the agency. Many job seekers sign up with agencies that offer them work on a short term even as they hunt for permanent or long term appointment. This to some extent gives them the opportunity to make choices whenever they are available to take on work and for how long. Individuals who consistently turn down offers are removed from the agencies data base. Temps who display high reputation and are both willing and reliable will likely be offered more work opportunities.

Why You Should Consider Temp Agencies like Workers Direct

Workers Direct hire employees for a stipulated period of time based on the nature of the company’s project. Temporary workers may work either part time or full time, depending on the requirement. In some cases, these workers receive other benefits like health insurance, incentives and many other rewards.

What Workers Direct Can Do For You

As earlier mentioned, Workers Direct find qualified employees to fill qualified positions in other companies. The services of the temp agency are required by the companies who are in need of short term employees.

There are quite a number of jobs available at Workers Direct in the areas of Hospitality & Catering, Warehouse & Event, Construction & Trade, Administrative, Sales & Retail, Health & Social Care, Logistic, to mention a few.

The benefits of working with Workers Direct are:

  1. Working through Workers Direct can earn you a gainful employment even as you search for a full time job. Your resume will also be free from employment gaps because assuming you have remained unemployed for a long period of time, the unusual gap in your work history may put you at a disadvantage with some employers.
  2. Working through this agency gives you a lot of work experience. You will remain a more valuable employee as a result of your vast experience. Taking up a temping job is a great way of improving your skills, initiate contacts and experience new organizations. Besides, it will offer you the opportunity to learn the type of work environment that is most suitable for you.
  3. There are many jobs that are not advertised to the public. This information is available at the temporary placement agencies like Workers Direct; hence, by working with them, you can have access to more job leads.
  4. You can earn a full time position with the company, especially if your work pleases the employer. Many employers like to hire individuals that have previously worked for the temping agencies. You can catch their attention by working hard.
  5. Temping employment jobs are more flexible because you can work when you want and can be given time off if the temp agency is notified.


If you desire a short term employment, the right choice for you is to work with a temping employment agency. The possibility of getting the perfect job is very high a result of the several benefits of working with a temp agency.

Are you looking for a temp agency that will provide qualified and experienced worker? Then consult a Temporary Recruitment Agency like Workers Direct. They have a brilliant track record and are always ready to assist you with your entire temp agency needs.


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